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Life as a single mother during the pandemic

Life as a single mother during the pandemic

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Sydnee York, 21, is a single parent to her infant daughter, River Lily York. As a young, single mother,  Sydnee has a busy schedule that consists of work, school, and caring for her daughter. But, Sydnee does not let her fast-paced lifestyle prevent her from being the best mother that she can. Sydnee spends all of her free time doing outdoor activities and preparing for the holidays with River. 

Sydnee works various jobs, which have all been impacted by COVID-19 regulations. Although raising a child during the pandemic is filled with uncertainty, Sydnee has made the most of her situation.  Sydnee now spends more time at her home than she did before the pandemic, which gives her more time with  River. “I just try to find the silver lining during this unprecedented time,” said Sydnee.