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New Ramen Restaurant Hits Lincoln Boulevard

New Ramen Restaurant Hits Lincoln Boulevard

Around the corner from LMU’s back gates on Lincoln Blvd is a popular hub of off-campus dining options. New to the mix is Kai Ramen, a quaint space with dining tables and bar seating… the latter of which offers a front-row look at chefs preparing food.

“This location is nice since we’re by other restaurants and near the school,” said an employee named Hina, who used to work at the chain’s La Cienaga location. “Business has been good, but it is still hot outside.” 

Although temperatures were still high in the city and Angelenos were less inclined to eat ramen, the air conditioning inside the restaurant provides a chilled atmosphere where patrons seem to be enjoying their food. Ary Ramchandran, a junior computer science major, recently visited Kai Ramen to have dinner with some friends. 

“I had the classic Tonkotsu Ramen and it was very good quality. The textures of the ramen were perfect and it tasted delicious,” said Ramchandran. “The service was extremely fast and good.”

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If you are not in the mood for noodles, Kai Ramen offers starters, rice bowls, salads and desserts, including vegan appetizers and gluten-free noodle options to accommodate customers with specific dietary restrictions.

Surrounded by LMU student favorites like Hacienda Del Rey and Cinco, Kai Ramen is in the perfect place to become a student staple.

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