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Grupo Folklórico Performs for Día de Los Muertos

Grupo Folklórico Performs for Día de Los Muertos

On Saturday, Grupo Folklórico de LMU performed at the seventh annual Día de Los Muertos Celebration in Long Beach.

Both Grupo Folklórico de LMU and Grupo Folklórico de USC huddled backstage preparing for their performance at noon.

Araceli Seager and Maya Muñoz performed a dance to Fandango Jarocho from the Mexican state of Veracruz. This style of dance is heavily influenced by Flamenco steps and dancers typically wear white lace dresses with their hair up in buns.

Isabella May, Monse Torres, Alexis Chun, and Karina Arenas performed a dance to El Pato Asado from the Mexican state of Sinaloa.

Dancers embrace a “banda” style accompanied by explosive, exhilarating music.

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Members of Grupo Folklórico did their own distinct half face of Catrina makeup to honor Día de Los Muertos.

Judith Chavez performed a dance from the Mexican state of Jalisco in a trio to the song La Negra. Folklórico dance from this region is a traditional courting dance, and was at one point declared the most popular folk dance in all of Mexico.

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