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Cheers, Taco Bell!

Cheers, Taco Bell!

Be it burritos, tacos, or their classic crunch wrap supremes, Hollywood Boulevards’ new “Taco Bell Cantina” does everything you’d expect and more. The new Taco Bell Cantina will serve alcohol for the first time this weekend. The Cantina menu features wines, beers, sangria, and alcohol-infused freezes in signature flavors like ‘Mountain Dew Baja Blast’ and ‘Starburst Strawberry Breeze’. If you’re looking to go krunk and eat junk, come to the Cantina and get drunk!  

Taco Bell Cantina

The Cantina is intended to accommodate a more modern and elevated dining experience than your average Taco Bell. We were able to witness this fancy experience first hand and let us tell you, the ambiance is the main attraction. Fitting in with the Hollywood theme, the color scheme incorporates a chic black and gold palette and is adorned with art deco-inspired decor such as framed vintage photographs and bright chandelier lighting. The location is also equipped with machine-operated kiosks for customers to order their food.

Carly ordering at the kiosk

The kiosks are a simple way to expedite the ordering process and were especially helpful if you like to add or subtract ingredients to customize your order. It saves customers like myself the awkwardness of asking them to remove each individual ingredient and allows the option for certain meals to become vegan or vegetarian. I ordered a grilled cheese burrito and used the kiosks to remove anything remotely spicy, and Carly ordered a quesadilla. 

Hannah and her burrito

Once your food is hot and ready, an employee will notify you by enthusiastically shouting out your name. You’ll have the option of sitting at the front of the Cantina that overlooks the chaos of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, or further back in the purple-cushioned booths. The food is mostly the same as what you’d expect at an average Taco Bell, but it’s really the alcohol that sets this location apart.

The concept of Taco Bell serving alcohol is not new, the first Cantina location opened in 2015 in Chicago, and it’s been rolled out across the states ever since. The Hollywood Blvd location joins several others in California but is the first addition to Taco Bell’s collection that’s located in LA County.

The location, 6741 Hollywood Boulevard, is a historical site built in 1917 along the infamous Walk of Fame. It’s also directly across the street from The Church of Scientology, which is another interesting landmark in the area. This touristy location is hoped to mimic the success of Taco Bell’s most popular Cantina, located on the Las Vegas strip.

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In the heart of Hollywood, this Taco Bell is the perfect tourist trap for those exploring the city, especially if you’re a fan of fast food staples. Is the Cantina substantially different than your local Taco Bell? No, but if you’re going, it’s for the experience and overall vibe that the Hollywood location has managed to cultivate.

If you’re looking for a fun excursion or a reason to venture over to Hollywood Boulevard, head to the Cantina. Bring your sister, your cousin, heck, bring your dog trainer- Taco Bell Cantina is the place to be.

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