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Students score stuff other students lost — for charity

Students score stuff other students lost — for charity

If you’ve ever left your sandals at the Burns Recreation Center or an Airpods case at the library, look on the brightside: Your boneheadedness may have just made some money for charity.

On October 4 at St. Robert’s Lawn, the annual De Colores Bike and Rummage sale offered students the chance to buy LMU’s unclaimed lost and found items. Prices on most items were set by Campus Ministry and their students, while the Cycling Lions repaired and helped price bicycles. All proceeds from the event go to the De Colores Program at LMU, which provides housing and other necessities to families in Tijuana, Mexico.

According to Susan Kadota, LMU’s campus minister for global and local faith-based service, the rummage sale started with 80 bikes. Three hours later when it ended, there were just 12 left.

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“Our community comes together to do something good, and we’re helping one another,” said Fr. Marc Reeves, S.J., director of Campus Ministry. “Some of these bikes — I wonder how many generations of students have ridden them, you know?”

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