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Ready to Fight? NSU Hosts Smash Tournament

Ready to Fight? NSU Hosts Smash Tournament

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The rules for the night were simple: Go to your station, introduce yourself to your opponent, battle to the death — oh, and have fun. 

Last Friday, LMU’s Nikkei Student Union (NSU) put on a Smash Tournament Fundraiser, challenging all comers to battle through several rounds in order to determine the evening’s winners. Teams played together for $10 and singles competed for $5, with all of the blood money going toward future NSU events and activities. 

Screens and Nintendo Switches, supplied by club members, were placed around a University Hall classroom and numbered 1 to 11. The tournament lasted from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and rewarded winners with NSU shirts, stickers, candy, and other snacks. At the end of the night, the victor for the singles tournament was Matthew Knight (‘24) and the victor for the doubles tournament was the team of Noah Powell (‘25) and Gabe Sanchez (‘25). 

“It was very stressful — honestly the most stressed out I’ve been playing a video game,” Powell said. “Being paired randomly in the singles bracket allowed me to meet a lot of new and talented people… after the event, I received many ‘We should run it again sometime,’ which made me very excited to play again.”


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