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Dating During a Pandemic

Dating During a Pandemic

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This photo essay features two romantic relationships that began during the covid-19 pandemic. It aims to showcase how dating has changed for some couples during this pandemic and the conflicts that arise from social distancing and quarantine.

Carlos and Maya, one of the featured couples, began dating in April, a month after cover-19 shut down much of the United States. Carlos and Maya bonded in quarantine – despite their hesitation to get into a relationship during a pandemic. They’ve also fallen in love and figured out how to navigate a pandemic relationship – in their unique way.

Abhishek and Ming also began dating last spring, when the covid-19 shuttered them inside. The two bonded in person over the summer, but in September, Ming moved away. Now Abhishek and Ming are in a long-distance relationship that presents its own conflicts – some of which can be blamed on the pandemic.

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The covid-19 pandemic did not solely shape these couple’s relationship. Still, it’s played a large part in where, when, and how Carlos and Maya, or Abhishek and Ming date.