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New Music for November

New Music for November

As the holiday season approaches and the music industry begins to slow down for its fourth quarter, exciting music releases may seem few and far between. Amongst the festive, fever-dreamish Christmas tracks that will be blasting everywhere are some new releases that can break up the monotonous tone of the holiday season. From artists like the controversial Azealia Banks to techno maven Bapari, the following releases will help diversify your musical palette. 


“Crux” by Glasser cover art

Combining folk music, Celtic chants, and dreamy experimental pop may seem like a daunting task. However, Cameron Mesirow, otherwise known as Glasser, is up for the challenge with “Crux.” The album marks her first full length release in 10 years and explores themes of intimacy, self discovery, and the human experience. “Crux” seamlessly blends Glasser’s vocal gymnastics with atmospheric synth-pop production and exudes her defining sound which has been described as Bjork meets Joni Mitchell. 


Azealia Banks is perhaps one of the most polarizing figures in music right now with her ever-growing list of feuds and controversies. However, her latest single “Dilemma” shows exactly why fans continue to listen to the razor-sharp hip hop diva. Banks switches flows effortlessly over dark and gritty drill beats while talking her sh*t as she’s become to be known for. Lines like “Mermaid is comin’ on shore, pearly seashell on my breast, I’ll put your skull in a wet treasure chest,” and “Bitch, I’m a boss, I’m a billionaire bully, yeah I’m from Harlem, so that means that I’m gully” exemplifies Banks wit, humor and lyrical prowess. 


South London based Ojerime is the underground chanteuse who fuses ambient sounds, experimental beats, and 90’s Hip Hop and R&B to explore black womanhood and sexuality. Her latest “The Interludes” EP is a hazy, yet melodic, journey with over 100,000 streams since its release. Citing old-school R&B groups like Total and 702 as inspiration, Ojerime’s “The Interludes” solidifies her as a leading figure in contemporary R&B. 

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“Oasis” by Bapari cover art

Bapari’s latest EP “Oasis” is their most personal release to date. In a letter posted to their bandcamp, the Haitian-American musician and DJ describes the process of creating the 6 tracks as “sculpting.” The realm of “Oasis” is inspired by a period of grief and turbulence caused by an apartment fire and losing a loved one. “Oasis” combines techno with traditional dance beats while incorporating deconstructed sounds. Industrial landscapes overtaken by nature collide with the blaring soundscapes of New York City to create a danceable sonic journey into the void. 

John Glacier & SURF GANG – JGSG

The NYC collective SURF GANG and the elusive Jamaican-British artist John Glacier unite for “JGSG,” an experimental rap project. Glacier’s spoken word is complemented by SURF GANG’s playful approach to synths and drums. The project is a psychedelic rush of imaginative storytelling over lo-fi beats and drum patterns. “JGSG” adds to SURF GANG’s rising list of collaborative projects, and Glacier’s mystery.

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