Meet the Staff

Carolina Espinoza Cervantes

Editor in Chief

Alexa Wilson

Managing Editor

Sam Beck

Campus Editor

Carly Ferdinand

Campus Editor

Anthony Guntert

City Editor

Nick Schwartz

Sports Editor

Emma Fox

Arts & Culture Editor

Cassey Ayala

Photo/Video Editor

Christina Dodd

Engagement Editor + Campus Reporter

Jayka Munsayac

Social Media Editor

Sienna Ryan

Social Media Editor

Juliana deLehman

Audio Editor + Campus Reporter

Will Golan

Campus Reporter + Video Producer

Hannah Medvene

City Reporter

Luke Veltz

City Reporter + Arts & Culture Reporter

Anya Chinappi

Sports Reporter

Isaiah Beltran

Sports Reporter

Hampton Kohler

Arts & Culture Reporter

Olivia Rose

Editor in Chief

Isabel Minaglia

Managing Editor

Mia Grunburg

Social Media Editor

Linnea Nelson-Sandall

Social Media Editor

Lia De Lemos

Photo & Video Editor

Luke Rwambuya

Sports Editor

Marina Fox

Engagement Editor

Miles Whittingham

Sports Reporter

Madelaine Sarisky

City Reporter

Tyler Roland

Campus Reporter

Erika Zaro

Campus Reporter

Vanessa Hurtado

Campus Editor

Caleb Park

Sports Reporter

Rebecca Edwards Owens

Campus Reporter

Juan Barrie

City Reporter


Grace Galarraga

Managing Editor

“If I were paid to write about anything in journalism… I would write about music, films and art.”

Nar Amirian

Visual Editor

“My favorite medium of Journalism is multimedia Journalism. I love incorporating written and visual elements into a story to make them as interactive as possible!”

Madeline Pontius

Engagement Editor

“The story that changed my perspective was Carl Sagan’s book Pale Blue Dot. Inspired by the image taken by Voyager 1 on 14 February 1990. The spacecraft was departing and it turned around and took a picture of Earth. It’s terrifying to see how small we really are in the solar system. This image changed my perspective on life.”

Audie Layarda

Research Editor

“I decided to study journalism because I wanted to work in the field, and I’m a curious person. Journalism helps me see the world from a new perspective and allows me to develop my communication skills.”

Shayla Welch

Social Media Director

“One of the most interesting interviews I’ve had was with a Facebook employee that revealed some security information but had to be cautious because his devices were constantly listening. Legally he could get into a lot of trouble, but it was fascinating hearing what he had to say!”

Christina Habeeb

Story Editor

“My favorite journalism story I have written was my album review on Lil Nas X’s Montero. I have a passion for music and  Nas’ album was so distinct and revealed a lot about his true identity.”

Jillian Thicke

Online Editor

“My favorite genre of journalism is politics. I did speech and debate all throughout high school and it is still a big part of my life. I believe it’s crucial to understand what is going on in the world. There is power in knowledge!”Jillian Thicke

Shei Marcelline


Grace Galarraga

Managing Editor

Claire Lukehart

Features Editor

Mikayla Raye

News Editor Journalism and Theatre Arts Double Major Class of 2022

Gwen Pearson

Special Projects Editor

Cathy Siu

Multimedia Editor

Katarina Compean

Social Media Manager

Sophia Villamor

Staff Writer

Lillian Flaherty

Assistant Managing Editor

Grace Galarraga

Managing Editor

Sofia Santana

Features Editor

Spencer Lobdell

Multi-Media Editor

Jonar Cowan

Assistant Multi-Media Editor

Sara Pool

Managing Editor

Gaby Pidoux

Assistant Managing Editor

Genesis Jefferson

Visuals Editor

Dylan Marusich

News Editor

Savanah Butler

Engagement Editor

Samantha Collins

Special Project Editor

Taira Kanazawa

Engagement Editor

Allie Quintero

Features Editor