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Podcast: A thrift store that spreads the ‘Love’ in Culver City

Podcast: A thrift store that spreads the ‘Love’ in Culver City

If you find yourself thrift shopping exclusively at chain store locations, you should switch it up by paying a visit to Love The City Thrift in Culver City. This nonprofit boutique thrift store was founded by Vintage Faith Church, and directs its profits towards the unhoused and neighboring communities in need. Listen to voices from the staff of Love the City to understand why their store is unique.

Photo: Love the City Thrift Facebook

Founder Matt Kladnick and his wife opened Love the City in 2014 to create a bridge between the wealth divide they saw throughout their neighborhood. 

Wealth disparities within neighborhoods in LA is common. Love the City stands as a space to engage with this divide by providing those who are able to donate resources a place to give and also support those who are struggling economically. 

The store has an abundance of second-hand clothes, shoes, bags, blankets, furniture, trinkets, and more.

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Photos: Love the City Thrift Facebook

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