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Bluff Fashion Trends: Q & A Edition 

Bluff Fashion Trends: Q & A Edition 

Considering the cold and windy weather, April on the bluff still means sweaters and jeans for LMU lions. Students are wishfully awaiting the warmer days of short shorts and crop tops, but are currently faced with the harsh reality of wind and rainfall this spring season.  

Traveling from class to class, moving from studying in the library to having a coffee with friends in Starbucks, Lions choose outfits ranging from casual to formal, loose-fitting pants to tight fitting skinny jeans. All in search of a simple yet “put-together” look.  

Annibelle Washburn ‘26

Annibelle Washburn is a freshman who said her goal with her outfit was to simply look put-together, but also wanted to keep herself warm on a chilly day. Washburn is hoping for spring weather to be upon us, so she decided to wear white pants that manifest summer. Despite the chill, Washburn was happy she could wear her new red sweater; it seems some lions are not quite ready to say goodbye to their sweaters just yet.  

Where are you originally from?  

Scottsdale, Arizona 

Favorite thing about LMU? 

Honestly, the location – I love Southern California. I think it’s beautiful here, the campus is beautiful. I came here for the film program because I’m a film major. 

Least favorite thing about the film program here at LMU? 

Honestly, nothing. I love everything about the film program here so far.  

Emma Prine ‘26 

Emma Prine is a freshman who said she has been trying to change up her outfits lately and incorporate some unique styles and colors while spring is in bloom and in preparation for summer. Prine has also been feeling inspired by her favorite movie character, Penny Lane, played by Kate Hudson from the iconic 2000 film, “Almost Famous.” Prine said she has been trying to mimic 70s vintage fashion vibes like the ones Penny portrays in the film and even owns the exact same hipster bohemian boots and jacket that Penny Lane wears in the film.  

What is your favorite movie?  

Definitely “Almost Famous” just because I’m a huge music lover and I love how it captures the younger kid trying to become a journalist and following them on their journey touring all around the United States. I just really like Penny Lane and her whole vibe and her whole lifestyle, how free spirited she is. 

Favorite thing about Almost Famous? 

I love all of it. I really like the scene where she’s in this really big room and there’s a bunch of flowers all over the ground and she’s dancing around. That’s my favorite part. 

How do you relate to Penny Lane?  

I feel like I’m always looking for an adventure and to not take things so seriously. I don’t know how much I relate to her, but I just try to embody her mindset of just kind of like not taking everything so seriously and just going with the flow of life.   

Hannah Sheilds ‘25

A sophomore at LMU, Hannah Sheilds described how she threw together her outfit at the extremely last minute within the chaos of packing. The end of the semester is weeks away for Lions, so it is not an unusual time for Hannah and other lions to have already begun the process of moving back home for the summer. Hannah said she lives in Florida and will return there for summer vacation.  

Traveling anywhere special soon?  

I’m going to Budapest in the fall for study abroad through LMU.   

What are your plans for Budapest?  

To really just explore the city and meet new people. And I might also travel to other countries while I’m there like Italy and London. It seems like a really fun city and I’m really excited to travel there.   

Have you ever been out of the country before?   

I’ve only been to Puerto Rico. But I don’t think that counts as a country because it’s a U.S territory. So, no I haven’t been out of the country before, this will be the first time for me.  

Mia Casillas ‘26

Mia Casillas is a freshman who said her outfit was majorly inspired by Bella Hadid’s streetwear trends. Casillas said she admired the simplicity in Bella Hadid’s outfits and likes how the popular model often goes on coffee runs in just a pair of baggy jeans and sambas, a specific style of shoe by the brand Adidas that Casillas is pictured in above.  

Are you a coffee drinker?  

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Yes, absolutely. I love coffee.  

Favorite model? Why?  

My favorite model is – hmm I would also have to say Bella Hadid or Lucky Bluesmith, Lucky Bluesmith is so beautiful. I feel like she [Bella Hadid] is so relatable. Okay so, well I used to be in a relationship – and she was just so obsessed with The Weekend when they were dating and that’s how I was in my relationship. I feel like she’s just a very relatable, loving gal and I love the way she dresses, and I feel like she puts herself out there in a way that’s not snobby and I think that is super rare with celebrities who are so exposed and in the media. 

Favorite Weeknd song?  

The one with Lana Dey Rey – Stargirl.  

Kate Broady ‘26

Kate Broady is a freshman who decided to air on the side of casual on this particularly gloomy April day. Although dressing comfortably, Broady remains trendy with her Marc Jacobs Tote Bag, Essentials Hoodie and New Balance sneakers, three in-style fashion pieces you may find on other lions around campus.  

Favorite Season?  

Fall, I am from the east side of Massachusetts. So, it’s the best season there.  

Summer Plans? 

Traveling to Italy to visit my friends who are going abroad there through LMU for the summer.  

Best thing about the East Coast? West Coast?  

The best thing about the east coast is the foliage. You don’t get that here in LA. The best thing about LA is the opportunities here for a job and the diversity, there is a lot of diversity here compared to Massachusetts.  

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